Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hee, Hee, Hee, I got Grannie to post just for me! Ruby

Don't tell anybody but I got Grannie to post just for Me, Hi I am Ruby, "The Integalactic Gumshoe". I thought being as Grannie is on the blog she would sneak one in just for me. I wanted her to show everybody my picture too, I am the one on the left and Lilly is the one on the right. I am the cute one! I told Grannie since I was so good at the vet to get my rabies shots and the guys too, we need to update our blog. See Grannie is such a push over. I will keep trying between Mom and I to get more blogs on the web!

These are the boys that drive Ruby crazy!

Ruby insisted that I get Mom to post the, "Mug Shots", of those boys. Mom says they are just, "Good Ole' Boys doing what Good Ole' Boys do"! Oh well, I guess so, because we are still family at the end of the day. We always look out for each other and like that ole' saying, "Blood is Thicker than Water", although the love to play in the water and I do too. After all Ruby and I have to keep up with the guys!

Well, I finally got Momma to post again. Gee, this is tough work!

Hi everybody, Ruby and I are kinda blue because one of us girls went to KY. She is my first to leave home, the first picture is to make sure she fit comfortably in the kennel, and the second picture to make sure she got her grooming done before her vet check and her flight. Lilly has 3 boys to look after, a momma, daddy, a boxer and a toy poodle. So I guess she won't be bored. Oh well, I guess they have to grow up and leave home eventually. But we still have all the boys around. Ruby, Mom, and I will just have to go and sit out with the cows I guess.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My family is Growing!

Sorry everybody it took so long to update my blog. Ya see my mom has been very busy and I have had one heck of a time to get her to, "Get around to It". I nearly have to bite her in the, well you know where. LOL. Anyway, Big Bubba and I well, now our pups are over 15 pounds each and they are 9 weeks old. We are so proud of them. My greatgrandma came by yesterday to help celebrate my, "Dad's Birthday", and to see us and the babies, (puppies). Even greatgrandma had a hard time going back to Houston without one of the, "little guys", I think she wants a girl this time and we still have 2 of them also. Well, please enjoy the pictures and keep nagging my human Mom to update my blog regularly!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry about taking so long to post.

Ya see Bailey and I have been busy. We have our first family. We had 2 girls and 5 boys, and we are so proud of them. Also Bailey himself has been very busy he has another family on the way as well. He has been also a stud dog. Lucky guy, he is out fooling around while I'm stuck here in this room tending to the babies. Just like a Stud Dog. lol Anyway we are all as fine as wine. Mom and Dad are at my beck and call 24 hours a day. Gee, a girl could get used to this very easily. Mom said its like I am a restaurant drive in. The pups need to make sure they are in the correct stall and I deliver the food to them when they order.

Gee we really love our new family and we only want the best for them. We want them to grow up and be a large contribution to society. That's what us Airedales are all about. We want them to go to families that need lots of playing, joking around, hugs, and most of all loves! See Mom is such a mother hen. She wants to keep in touch with the families and the puppies as they grow up and become a member of their new families. Mom and Dad want them to grow up to be just like us. (Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing). LOL. Oh well keep in touch and visit our website at

We will be happy to meet you!

We've been busy!

We've been busy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Big, "Bubba", is growing!

The photo to the right was taken last Sunday and the one below was taken 10/07. As you can see big ole, "Bubba", is growing. Well I insisted that Mom post something on my blog and this is what I got. Pictures about Bailey, oh well, he is just a big sweet push over and everybody just loves him. He still thinks he should drive but there is a problem about that concept but he doesn't want to believe me. No thumbs! Besides we are Airedales and we never drive, we have chauffeurs and, "People", for that kind of stuff.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally got my hair done!

Mom and I were kidding around in front of the camera and she got a picture of me with the wind blowing my ears up. We both thought it was so funny. How do you like my, "new do"?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well its a new year!

Well everybody my momma has had a time with getting a new battery for the digital camera but I did manage to get her to take a few pictures earlier this year when I was working on my scent library. Momma says in order for me to be the best hunting gal I can I have to have a scent library to refer back to. Like how a skunk smells and a raccoon smells or rabbits. Heck, it doesn't matter to me because they are all on my list. 

Well on St. Patrick's day my boyfriend Bailey, "Bubba", got the great idea to go paint the town, "Green", so me being the kind of gal that I am and that I love my Bubba so much I couldn't help but to follow him. Mom went out to check on us and we were not home and when she called for us still nothing. Dad went out on the 4 wheeler and Mom got in the car and with the cell phones were trying to find us to no avail. Mom called everybody in the county not to mention all the folks they drove by that would know us. Well after a few hours I got tired and couldn't follow him around, not to mention that our neighbors told Mom and Dad they saw us waltzing across Texas on the farm road not too far from our home by about a couple of miles. Well after it got dark I didn't want to go any further. Mom and Dad were worried so much and all the neighbors were on the look out for us. Then the next day Bubba finally made it home and told my mom that I was coming. Well, after a while she was still afraid that maybe something happened to me because I am so much sweeter and younger than big ole' Bubba. Well he was so tired he came in and got a little bite to eat and a little water and went to go lay down. Then about 2 hours later I finally got home. Mom was so happy to see I was back and safe and sound. Same for me, I was tuckered out too. I guess Mom pick up on that we had dinner out and got something to drink too. We were not all that hungry nor thirsty. But, boy was I pooped out! I mean I was tired. Mom was so happy to see us all she could do is hug us and tell is she was so afraid and missed us too. Then when Dad got home from work he felt the exact same way. Mom was so happy she called all the neighbors and friends that we were back home. Oh, Mom also wants to give Apache's Tribe and their folks a great big, "Thank You", for all of your prayers as well. Mom guess estimates that we were gone for about 16 hours. Boy, we were so tired we slept all Thursday, and Friday. Did Bubba learn anything from this excursion, "NO", but I'm not so sure if I will follow him next time. Dad said he is going to fix the fence and get one of those GPS collars for Bubba being as he gets lost. I just try to keep track of him so I know where he is even though he doesn't know, I know exactly where we are, Lost!
Well at least we didn't get a yelling at or a paddling, after all it never works anyway because we live in the moment and don't know what all that is for anyway. We just came home and Mom and Dad were so happy to have us back and Mom was praising Jesus for all of his blessings and especially that we are home and OK.
I am thankful too!