Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, here we go again, I told my mom that there are folks trying to reach us and she is trying to figure out how to allow them to blog on my page but she can't figure out how to make her fingers work to allow that to happen. She is still working on it. I told her that Apache's Mom said to allow the cookies to come in so they can be posted but my mom looked at the tool bar and there wasn't anything there about, "options or cookies" she said maybe its because she uses Safari and not Explorer. So now she is on the Windows side of her computer and she had the options to allow cookies and maybe this will fix the problem. I am keeping my toes crossed if I could cross them, but being as I have webbed feet I don't think that is going to happen. So Mom said to pray to God that maybe he will guide her fingers in the right order to fix the problem. We will see how it goes from here!

Now about yesterday afternoon, my Hooman daddy decided to let my boyfriend, "Bubba", Bailey off the leash yesterday and he did ok except for the time he decided to play traffic cop on the road. See we live out in the country on a dirt road, so its not like a major freeway. However, my mom was still yelling at both my dad and my boyfriend to stop playing traffiic cop so Bubba, decided to run down to the pond and stir up a bunch of robins. Last time he was down there he found a couple of does. My mom says to leave the does along because that is all the deer we have around here and she hopes they have babbies. So I was going to go running out in the pasture but I decided with all of the yelling Mom was doing to stay by her side so I don't get yelled at like that either. So we finished cleaning up the yard infront of the barn and Dad finished putting up the light over the double doors for the barn. Gee, it is really going to be nice in there. Dad is going to put the doggie door in and the second ref. in and the extra microwave and watercooler so I will always have cool water while I am in there with my babbies. Mom says that won't be for a couple of years to come and Bailey/Bubba willl have the barn for those four special seasons when I have to be away from my boyfriend so I don't have babbies too soon. We are practicing safe sex. Mom says abstance is the best answer until we are both fully grown and know how to handle babbies. That's ok I love to babby my momma and she loves to cuddle with me when I do. She always says that I am so sweet, smart, gentle, tender and loving. All the good stuff to be a great Momma! So I know I will be a great Momma when the time comes because she tells me so. Well, I have to take my puppy nap and my Momma has to get back to the other work.I asked her if she could put up a picture of me and Bubba/Bailey and she said she will try to later.

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