Sunday, December 28, 2008

We had a Great Christmas!

Hi everybody, 

It took a while and a lot of growling and barking at my mom but I finally got her to update my blog. I wanted to tell everybody about the new toys my boyfriend, Bailey and I got. We got pig ears, rawhide sticks, and tug ropes without the knots. See my best friend blogger Apache and her tribe have already warned us about being careful about those ropes and the knots that are on them and how harmful they can be. Mom won't let me and Bailey, (Bubba, I call him Bubba for short because he is such a good ole' boy), with the ropes without hooman supervision! She gets very upset with us when we do. She says she loves us so much and doesn't want us to get hurt and she can't afford the vet bills in this economy, or whatever that is, she tries to explain but I get board during the middle of the conversation and run off to go play and shake my noisy fishy then Mom just says, "Oh, well at least they know they are loved"! 

So anyway I insisted that Mom put our pictures on the blog with us and our new toys. So please enjoy the pictures. Later!


Maggie and Mitch said...

Mitch's favorite toys are the rope toys and we both love pig ears! What a great Christmas you had!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We are soooo glad you had a great Christmas! After Yalo's problem with the rope toys, our mom got rid of ours! She said she has ENOUGH vet bills without one of us swallowing a rope toy!

Happy New Year!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Shadaisymae said...

Sorry it took so long to respond to your post buy my hooman momma is just now figured out how to respond to your question. See she won't let me on the computer because my paws are always too sandy for the keyboard and she not up to speed on this, "blogging thang", we made snow airedale angles but it was too dark for the camera to take the picture, but Mom did take pictures of my, "little footprints in the Snow", on the front deck. I think my mommy likes this blogging thang. Thanks for asking.

Shadaisymae said...

Sorry it took so long to respond to your blog but my momma is still figuring this, "Blogging Thang out", And yes, Bailey/Bubba and I love Pig ears, and rawhide twist stick and flat rawhides, we can only play with the ropes with knots on them while we are in the living room, (under adult supevision)! My momma is the same way. Thanks for asking. I think my momma is starting to get the hang of this blogging thang!