Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi I am Big Bend's Texas Ranger

Otherwise known as, "Tex". Well I guess it is up to me to update y'all here around the ranch. Everybody except for me and Pride have gone to their new homes. Hank who is now known as Buddy is in Bellville and Ruby is there too. Lilly as you well know went to Kentucky, Rigby is in North Carolina, and Hunter is in Canada. Well, I still have Mom, Dad, and Pride to rough house, dig, run, bark, and all of that Airedale stuff to do with. After all Mom and Dad taught us how to be Airedales.

Yesterday, we all got a hair cut whether we needed it or not. Grandpa said so. So we went from the oldest to the youngest. Grannie said she was so proud of us we were all sooooo good. Then Saturday Pride went to Houston with Grandpa to meet his mom and brothers and sister. They all said that he was soooo sweeet. Great grandma might want to keep Pride with her, but she hasn't made a final decision yet. Grannie said she loves all of us so much and since so many of us have grown up she doesn't want Pride to leave home. He is the youngest. I am the oldest. However, Grannie said if it is Great grandma then that would be perfect being as she has had about 40 years experience with us guys. Also then Grannie can see Pride whenever she wants to.

Grannie told me to tell y'all that she will get pictures as soon as possible, but she is real busy right now.
So Adios for now. Tex!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hee, Hee, Hee, I got Grannie to post just for me! Ruby

Don't tell anybody but I got Grannie to post just for Me, Hi I am Ruby, "The Integalactic Gumshoe". I thought being as Grannie is on the blog she would sneak one in just for me. I wanted her to show everybody my picture too, I am the one on the left and Lilly is the one on the right. I am the cute one! I told Grannie since I was so good at the vet to get my rabies shots and the guys too, we need to update our blog. See Grannie is such a push over. I will keep trying between Mom and I to get more blogs on the web!

These are the boys that drive Ruby crazy!

Ruby insisted that I get Mom to post the, "Mug Shots", of those boys. Mom says they are just, "Good Ole' Boys doing what Good Ole' Boys do"! Oh well, I guess so, because we are still family at the end of the day. We always look out for each other and like that ole' saying, "Blood is Thicker than Water", although the love to play in the water and I do too. After all Ruby and I have to keep up with the guys!

Well, I finally got Momma to post again. Gee, this is tough work!

Hi everybody, Ruby and I are kinda blue because one of us girls went to KY. She is my first to leave home, the first picture is to make sure she fit comfortably in the kennel, and the second picture to make sure she got her grooming done before her vet check and her flight. Lilly has 3 boys to look after, a momma, daddy, a boxer and a toy poodle. So I guess she won't be bored. Oh well, I guess they have to grow up and leave home eventually. But we still have all the boys around. Ruby, Mom, and I will just have to go and sit out with the cows I guess.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My family is Growing!

Sorry everybody it took so long to update my blog. Ya see my mom has been very busy and I have had one heck of a time to get her to, "Get around to It". I nearly have to bite her in the, well you know where. LOL. Anyway, Big Bubba and I well, now our pups are over 15 pounds each and they are 9 weeks old. We are so proud of them. My greatgrandma came by yesterday to help celebrate my, "Dad's Birthday", and to see us and the babies, (puppies). Even greatgrandma had a hard time going back to Houston without one of the, "little guys", I think she wants a girl this time and we still have 2 of them also. Well, please enjoy the pictures and keep nagging my human Mom to update my blog regularly!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry about taking so long to post.

Ya see Bailey and I have been busy. We have our first family. We had 2 girls and 5 boys, and we are so proud of them. Also Bailey himself has been very busy he has another family on the way as well. He has been also a stud dog. Lucky guy, he is out fooling around while I'm stuck here in this room tending to the babies. Just like a Stud Dog. lol Anyway we are all as fine as wine. Mom and Dad are at my beck and call 24 hours a day. Gee, a girl could get used to this very easily. Mom said its like I am a restaurant drive in. The pups need to make sure they are in the correct stall and I deliver the food to them when they order.

Gee we really love our new family and we only want the best for them. We want them to grow up and be a large contribution to society. That's what us Airedales are all about. We want them to go to families that need lots of playing, joking around, hugs, and most of all loves! See Mom is such a mother hen. She wants to keep in touch with the families and the puppies as they grow up and become a member of their new families. Mom and Dad want them to grow up to be just like us. (Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing). LOL. Oh well keep in touch and visit our website at

We will be happy to meet you!

We've been busy!