Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi I am Big Bend's Texas Ranger

Otherwise known as, "Tex". Well I guess it is up to me to update y'all here around the ranch. Everybody except for me and Pride have gone to their new homes. Hank who is now known as Buddy is in Bellville and Ruby is there too. Lilly as you well know went to Kentucky, Rigby is in North Carolina, and Hunter is in Canada. Well, I still have Mom, Dad, and Pride to rough house, dig, run, bark, and all of that Airedale stuff to do with. After all Mom and Dad taught us how to be Airedales.

Yesterday, we all got a hair cut whether we needed it or not. Grandpa said so. So we went from the oldest to the youngest. Grannie said she was so proud of us we were all sooooo good. Then Saturday Pride went to Houston with Grandpa to meet his mom and brothers and sister. They all said that he was soooo sweeet. Great grandma might want to keep Pride with her, but she hasn't made a final decision yet. Grannie said she loves all of us so much and since so many of us have grown up she doesn't want Pride to leave home. He is the youngest. I am the oldest. However, Grannie said if it is Great grandma then that would be perfect being as she has had about 40 years experience with us guys. Also then Grannie can see Pride whenever she wants to.

Grannie told me to tell y'all that she will get pictures as soon as possible, but she is real busy right now.
So Adios for now. Tex!

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World of Animals, Inc said...

Thanks for sharing the update. We are happy to read that some of your friends have found forever homes. Thanks for the share. Hope you enjoyed your haircuts. Have a great weekend.
World of Animals